Workshop on Democracy Education for English Language Education Study Program at UMNU Kebumen: Fostering Informed Voters


Kebumen, 3 October 2021: In a collaborative effort between the Kebumen District General Election Commission (KPU) and UMNU Kebumen, a dynamic workshop on democracy education was held on October 2, 2021. The event was aimed at fostering a deeper understanding of democratic processes and cultivating an informed electorate. Attended by 20 representatives from both faculty members and students of the English Language Education Study Program, the workshop proved to be an insightful platform for discussing the significance of active civic participation.

The distinguished guest speaker for the event, Mr. Yulianto, M.Kom., a representative from the KPU, eloquently addressed the participants. His presentation centered on the importance of every citizen’s role in the electoral process and the necessity of becoming intelligent voters. The workshop’s overarching goal was to empower the participants, who play a crucial role in molding future generations, to impart democratic values to their students and society at large.

During the session, Mr. Yulianto shed light on various aspects of the electoral process, including voter registration, the significance of informed decision-making, and the role of political awareness in shaping a prosperous nation. He emphasized the need for voters to critically evaluate candidates, their policies, and the potential impact on the community. By nurturing this culture of discernment and active engagement, the participants were encouraged to contribute to the development of a strong and vibrant democracy.

The event also facilitated a vibrant exchange of ideas among the participants, providing a platform for sharing strategies and insights into effective democracy education. Discussions ranged from integrating democratic principles into language instruction to innovative methods for promoting civic responsibility among students.

Dr. Onok Yayang Pamungkas, M.Pd., Vice Rector I, expressed his gratitude for the collaboration between

UMNU Kebumen and KPU. He highlighted the importance of equipping future educators with the tools to instill democratic values and active citizenship in their students, thereby contributing to the growth of a democratic society.

As the workshop concluded, the participants left with a renewed sense of purpose and a commitment to nurturing informed and active citizens. The event successfully demonstrated the power of collaborative efforts between educational institutions and governmental bodies in promoting democracy education.

In a world where informed decisions drive progress, UMNU Kebumen’s English Language Education Study Program took a step forward in ensuring that the next generation is well-prepared to be active participants in shaping their nation’s future.

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