1st Conference of English Language Education “Challenges and Strategies of English Teaching in the Metaverse Era”


Kebumen, June 29, 2022 – The English Language Education Program at Universitas Nahdlatul Ulama Kebumen (UMNU) successfully organized its first National Seminar on English Language Teaching. The seminar, which took place online on June 29, 2022, gathered participants from various regions who were eager to expand their knowledge in English language instruction. With the theme “Challenges and Strategies of English Teaching in the Metaverse Era,” the event featured renowned keynote speaker Yuyun Yulia, M.Pd., Ph.D., an expert in the field.

As the keynote speaker, Yuyun Yulia, M.Pd., Ph.D., delivered an inspiring presentation on English language teaching in the metaverse era. With extensive experience in developing innovative and adaptive English language teaching strategies, Dr. Yuyun Yulia shed light on the importance of addressing new challenges arising from technological advancements, particularly in the metaverse era.

The metaverse, as a concept of virtual environments, presents new challenges for English language instruction. In this seminar, Dr. Yuyun Yulia highlighted teaching strategies that can assist English language teachers in overcoming these challenges. She shared her knowledge and experience in utilizing cutting-edge technologies such as augmented reality and virtual reality in English language instruction. These methods help students gain a deeper understanding, enhance engagement, and increase motivation in their learning process.

Alongside Dr. Yuyun Yulia’s presentation, the national seminar also featured other speakers who shared their experiences and expertise on the challenges and strategies of English language teaching in the metaverse era. Discussions and Q&A sessions provided participants with the opportunity to interact directly with experts and share their own experiences.

The first National Seminar on English Language Teaching serves as evidence that the pandemic has not hindered educational progress and the professional development of educators. Through the online platform, participants could access high-quality materials, interact with experts, and expand their professional networks without the need for physical gatherings.

This national seminar is expected to lay the foundation for the advancement of English language teaching in the metaverse era. As new challenges emerge, innovative strategies are required to ensure effective language instruction and facilitate students’ learning experiences in virtual environments.

In conclusion, the National Seminar on English Language Teaching served as a platform for educators to exchange knowledge, explore strategies, and adapt to the evolving landscape of English language instruction in the metaverse era. With the valuable insights shared by keynote speaker Dr. Yuyun Yulia and other experts, participants left the seminar equipped with practical approaches to enhance English language teaching in the digital age.

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