English Language Education Lecturers at Ma’arif Nahdlatul Ulama University Enhance Professional Competence through Instructional Technique Training (PEKERTI)



Pelatihan Teknik Instruksional (PEKERTI)

Kebumen – English language education lecturers at Ma’arif Nahdlatul Ulama University (UMNU) Kebumen, Central Java, have recently completed Pelatihan Teknik Instruksional (PEKERTI) as part of their efforts to enhance their professional competence. This training aimed to introduce new approaches and methods in teaching to improve the quality of education for students.


The PEKERTI training program was conducted over a week period, from May 22 to May 26, 2023. Several lecturers from the English language education department at UMNU Kebumen participated in this training. The program consisted of intensive training sessions, discussions, and innovative teaching simulations.


During the PEKERTI training the lecturers received in-depth training on curriculum development, adaptive instructional design, technology integration in teaching, and comprehensive learning assessment. They were also introduced to the latest teaching methods that optimize knowledge transfer to students.


Throughout the training, participants had the opportunity to collaborate and engage in discussions with renowned lecturers and experts in instructional techniques. They shared experiences and exchanged ideas to create better and more effective teaching strategies. The lecturers were also given the chance to develop relevant learning materials aligned with global educational advancements.


The English language education lecturers at UMNU Kebumen who participated in the PEKERTI training are expected to apply the instructional techniques acquired during the training in their teaching processes. With more interactive, inclusive, and innovative approaches, it is anticipated that the learning experience at UMNU Kebumen will become more engaging and effective, enabling students to enhance their English language skills.

This Pelatihan Teknik Instruksional (PEKERTI) collaborate with UNU Purwokerto and UNSOED is a tangible effort undertaken by the university to enhance the quality of higher education. By enriching the professional competence of lecturers, UMNU Kebumen is committed to being an institution that delivers quality education and produces graduates ready to compete in an increasingly global and competitive job market. 

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