Congratulations! Nine students of the English Language Education Program have successfully passed the challenges of a results seminar and thesis session.


Kebumen, 22 June 2023 – This is a milestone in their academic journey in the field of English.

In the results seminar and thesis sessions that took place today, these nine students presented their research and work to the fullest. The process involves in-depth discussions on topics related to English language education, linguistic theory, and practical implementation in the context of classroom learning.

The following are the names of students who have successfully passed the results seminar and thesis session today:

  1. Anjariyanto
  2. Aris Zulkarnain
  3. Aulia Rahmawati
  4. Siti Maskuroh
  5. Chintya Lili Saputri
  6. Nur Ngazizah Turohmah
  7. Silfi wiladatus Solihah
  8. Amri Inayah
  9. Citrawati


This not only reflects the dedication and tenacity of the students, but is also the result of the passionate efforts they have made over the years at UMNU Kebumen. Lecturers and academic staff also play an important role in guiding and providing support to them throughout the research and thesis writing process.


In his remarks after the session, the Dean of FKIP UMNU Kebumen, Mr. Alek Andika congratulated the students for their impressive achievement. “We are proud of the success of these nine students of the English Language Education Program. They have shown commitment to their field of study and we believe they will be successful successors in the world of English education,” he said.


With this graduation, the nine students are ready to continue their journey in the world of work or further education. We hope that they can apply the knowledge and expertise they have acquired while studying at UMNU Kebumen in the development of English education in Indonesia.

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