Teressa Alicia and Team, English Education Students, Successfully Qualifies for Karsa Cipta Student Creativity Program


A remarkable achievement has been attained by Teressa Alicia and team, English Education students, who has successfully qualified for the prestigious Karsa Cipta Student Creativity Program. This program provides students with a valuable opportunity to develop and express their creative ideas. Teressa Alicia as the chief captured the attention of the jury with theĀ innovative concept.

With a creative background and high spirits, Teressa Alicia and team create inspiring project concept entitle “Invovasi Pengembangan Sistem Peternakan Burung Puyuh Petelur Berbasis Android Guna Efisiensi Waktu dan Tenaga Peternak”

The Karsa Cipta Student Creativity Program is renowned as a prestigious platform for students who possess a passion for innovation and a desire to bring their creative ideas to life. Teressa Alicia and team’s qualification for this program is a testament to her talent and dedication in the field of creativity.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Teressa Alicia and team for their success in qualifying for the Karsa Cipta Student Creativity Program. We eagerly anticipate the outcomes of Teressa Alicia and team’s work and firmly believe that they will inspire many through their exceptional creativity.

We hope that Teressa Alicia and team continues to nurture their talent and achieve even greater success in the future. May their work provide valuable benefits to society and leave an unforgettable positive impact on the world of creativity.

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