English Language Study Program Visits Department of American Studies, FIB UGM Yogyakarta to Discuss Partnership Program


Yogyakarta, June 20, 2023 – In an effort to enhance academic collaboration and foster a deeper understanding of American studies, the English Language Study Program recently visited the Department of American Studies at the Faculty of Cultural Sciences (FIB), Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) in Yogyakarta. The visit, which took place on June 20, 2023, aimed to discuss a potential partnership program between the two institutions.

The focus of the discussion centered around planning a joint seminar on American studies and establishing a visiting lecture program. Dr. Aris Munandar, M.Hum., the Head of the Department of American Studies at UGM, warmly welcomed the delegation from the University of Ma’arif Nahdlatul Ulama (UMNU) Kebumen. The UMNU team included Hastri Firharmawan, M.Pd, Vice Rector II of UMNU Kebumen, and Alek Andika, the Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training.

During the meeting, both parties expressed their enthusiasm for collaborating on academic initiatives that would benefit students and faculty members. The joint seminar on American studies was seen as an excellent opportunity to promote scholarly exchanges and explore diverse perspectives on various aspects of American culture, history, and society.

Additionally, the visiting lecture program was discussed as a means to facilitate knowledge sharing between the two institutions. By inviting faculty members from UGM to deliver lectures at UMNU Kebumen and vice versa, students would have the chance to learn from experts in their respective fields and gain valuable insights into different teaching methodologies.

Dr. Aris Munandar expressed his gratitude for the visit and stressed the importance of international partnerships in broadening academic horizons. He stated, “We are delighted to host our esteemed colleagues from UMNU Kebumen and explore potential avenues of collaboration. By joining forces, we can provide a richer academic experience for our students and create a platform for meaningful academic dialogue.”

Hastri Firharmawan, M.Pd, Vice Rector II of UMNU Kebumen, reciprocated the sentiment, affirming the commitment of UMNU to fostering academic cooperation. “We believe that this partnership will not only enhance our educational offerings but also contribute to the cultural understanding and exchange between our institutions,” she remarked.

As the meeting concluded, both parties expressed their enthusiasm for the partnership program and looked forward to finalizing the details of the joint seminar and visiting lecture program. The collaboration between the English Language Study Program at UMNU Kebumen and the Department of American Studies at FIB UGM is expected to yield fruitful outcomes for students, faculty, and the field of American studies as a whole.

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