English Language Study Program, UMNU Kebumen, Engages in Promising Partnership Talks with UST Yogyakarta


Kebumen, July 4, 2023 – The English Language Study Program at UMNU Kebumen is in talks for a potential partnership with UST Yogyakarta. On June 21, 2023, representatives from UMNU Kebumen, including Alek Andika, M.Pd., Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Atik Muhimatun Asroriyah, M.Ed., Head of the English Language Study Program, and some students, met with Yuyun Yulia, PhD., and Ima Widyastuti, M.TESOL, from UST Yogyakarta to discuss future collaboration opportunities.

The primary focus of the discussion was to explore joint research, joint seminars, and visiting lectures as part of the partnership program. The participants shared ideas on potential research areas, common interests, and research methodologies. They also discussed organizing seminars with relevant topics and identifying guest speakers from both institutions.

Additionally, the meeting addressed the possibility of exchanging lecturers between UMNU Kebumen and UST Yogyakarta. They considered areas of expertise for visiting lectures, duration, frequency, and logistical arrangements.

The representatives emphasized the importance of resource sharing, including academic publications and collaborative funding applications. They discussed ways to maximize the impact of the partnership through joint publications and leveraging available resources.

To move forward, an action plan was developed with specific tasks, responsibilities, and timelines. The participants agreed to establish regular communication channels and scheduled a follow-up meeting to review progress.

The English Language Study Program at UMNU Kebumen and UST Yogyakarta’s partnership talks signify a significant step toward fostering collaboration and enhancing English language education. By working together, they aim to create a platform for joint learning, research, and academic growth.

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