English Camp Collaborative Event between English Education Students of UMNU and SMK Bina Karya 2 in Grenggeng Village


*Grenggeng Village, July 2023* – In a vibrant effort to enhance language learning experiences, the English Education department of a local university joined hands with SMK Bina Karya 2 to organize an engaging English Camp for students in Grenggeng Village. The event, held throughout the month of July 2023, aimed to foster language proficiency, cultural exchange, and educational collaboration.

The English Camp brought together university students specializing in English education and high school students from SMK Bina Karya 2. The camp offered a unique platform for participants to immerse themselves in an English-speaking environment while participating in a range of interactive activities that were both fun and educational.

Activities during the camp included language workshops, group discussions, drama and role-playing sessions, and various team-building exercises. University students, acting as mentors, guided the high school students through these activities, providing valuable insights and assistance to improve their language skills. The camp’s curriculum was designed to encompass a balance between language learning and cultural understanding, making it an enriching experience for all involved.

The collaborative effort between the university and SMK Bina Karya 2 was well-received by the local community. The event not only contributed to the students’ language skills but also promoted unity and cooperation between educational institutions.

As the English Camp came to an end, friendships forged between university and high school students served as a testament to the success of the initiative. The organizers expressed their intention to continue such programs in the future, aspiring to create more opportunities for educational collaboration and community engagement.

In conclusion, the English Camp organized through the partnership between university students and SMK Bina Karya 2 marked a significant step toward enhancing language education in Grenggeng Village. The event showcased the power of collaboration in creating transformative learning experiences and nurturing a strong sense of unity within the local education landscape.

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