Mrs. Atik Muhimatun A, M.Ed. Successfully Qualifies as a Field Lecturer at KM 6: Congratulations!


*Kebumen, August 10, 2023* – Teaching Campus 6 has again shown its commitment in presenting quality educators with real-world experience. This time, Mrs. Atik successfully passed the selection and was declared successful as a Field Advisor. This decision was welcomed by the entire academic community, and Mrs. Atik received her heartfelt congratulations.

Mrs. Atik has long been known as a dedicated figure in the world of education. His expertise and experience in his field make him the right choice as a Field Advisor. In her new role, Mrs Atik will guide students in applying their theoretical knowledge to practical contexts, helping them to develop skills relevant to the world of work.

Mrs. Atik as head of the English Language Education study program welcomes her new role with passion and enthusiasm. “I am very grateful for this opportunity and the commitment of KM 6 to improve the quality of education. I am ready to give my best in accompanying students in their first steps in the professional world.”

The entire academic community, staff, and students convey their congratulations and good wishes to Mrs. Atik. Many hope to gain valuable insights from his experience and knowledge.

Through this success, Mrs. Atik has proven that her hard work and dedication in the field of education have produced extraordinary results. His success in achieving the position of Field Supervisor will become a pillar in forming a competent and competitive young generation. Congratulations and continued encouragement to Mrs. Atik in this rewarding new role!

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