Congratulations Amri ‘Inayah, Student of English Education Department at UMNU Kebumen, Won 1st Place in the JAMBORE Contest for Central Java Youth, Kebumen Regency 2023



*Kebumen, August 10, 2023* – Amri ‘Inayah, a talented student from English Education Departement at Ma’arif Nahdlatul Ulama University, Kebumen, has made a brilliant achievement. In the district-level Central Java Youth JAMBORE event, Amri ‘Inayah won 1st place in the women’s English speech competition branch. This success not only made academics proud, but also raised great hopes among the representatives of Kebumen Regency at the Central Java Jamboree which will be held in Surakarta in September 2023.

Another challenge awaits Amri ‘Inayah in the September 2023 Central Java Jamboree in Surakarta, where she will represent Kebumen District in a larger event. In the fight against representatives from other regencies in Central Java, Amri ‘Inayah was determined to give his best to make his campus and the region proud.

Everyone gave their sincere congratulations to Amri ‘Inayah on her glorious achievement, and wished her success in preparing for the Central Java Jamboree next September.

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