Tour Guide Training of English Education Students at UMNU Kebumen


*Kebumen, August 25 2023* – The Ma’arif Nahdlatul Ulama University (UMNU) Kebumen is again contributing to the development of education in the region by holding special training. This time, the English Education Study Program at the university is holding training for prospective tour guides on August 24-25 2023.

This training program aims to prepare students of the English Education Study Program to have the skills needed to become professional and competent tour guides. With this training, it is hoped that prospective tour guides will be able to provide quality and informative services to tourists who come to Kebumen.

The training lasted for 2 days. Training activities cover various important aspects of becoming a reliable tour guide, including:

1. **Knowledge of Local History and Culture:** Prospective tour guides are provided with an in-depth understanding of the history and culture of the Kebumen area. This includes knowledge of historical sites, local culture, and related tourist attractions.

2. **Speech and Communication Skills:** The ability to speak clearly, concisely, and interestingly is the key to becoming an effective tour guide. Trainees are given exercises to improve public speaking skills and the ability to communicate effectively.

3. **Group Management:** A tour guide must be able to manage tourist groups well. This training provides guidance on how to organize and direct tourist groups during the trip.

4. **Use of Technology:** In this digital era, the use of technology has also become an important aspect in the field of tourism. Training participants are taught about the use of technological devices, such as loudspeakers, digital maps, and other supporting applications.

5. **First Aid and Safety:** The training also includes basic knowledge of first aid and safety protocols that a tour guide needs to know to deal with emergency situations.

Mrs. Atik Muhimatun as the head of the study program said, “We hope that this training will provide good provision for prospective tour guides in welcoming tourists to Kebumen. Our university is always committed to providing relevant and useful education for the community.”

With this training, it is hoped that prospective tour guides from the UMNU Kebumen English Education Study Program will be able to become impressive tourism ambassadors for the area.

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