English Language Study Program Collaborates with PERGUNU to Celebrate National Santri Day and Ma’arif’s 94th Anniversary


Kebumen, October 11, 2023 – In celebration of the 9th National Santri Day and the 94th anniversary of Ma’arif, the English Language Study Program, UMNU Kebumen joined forces with Pergunu (the Association of NU Teachers) to host an enlightening seminar. The seminar was conducted at Cinema

Ma’arif Kebumen, on October 9, 2023. The theme of the event was “Relentless Dedication for Quality Indonesia, Unwavering Commitment to Building Quality Ma’arif Branding.” Distinguished speakers and guests graced the occasion, including Drs. H. Dawamuddin Masdar, M.Ag., Chairman of the NU Regional Council in Kebumen, Dr. H. Imam Satibi, M.Pd.I., the Rector of UMNU Kebumen, Dr. Umy Arifah, Dean of the Faculty of Tarbiyah at IAINU Kebumen, and Suyitman, M.Pd., Head of MIN Cilacap. The seminar was expertly moderated by Hastri Firharmawan, M.Pd., a lecturer in English education at UMNU Kebumen.

The seminar focused on the importance of adopting manageable management practices while remaining laser-focused on achieving desired outcomes. The speakers emphasized the significance of collaboration with strategic partners to enhance competitiveness in the educational landscape. They also highlighted the need for continuous improvement in foreign language proficiency, specifically English.

Dr. Dawamuddin Masdar, in his address, stressed the pivotal role of educational institutions like Ma’arif and the importance of nurturing students not only academically but also morally. He emphasized that by doing so, they contribute to the development of a high-quality Indonesia.

Dr. Imam Satibi shared insights into the role of UMNU Kebumen in producing educators who are well-equipped to meet the evolving demands of the education sector. He also noted the importance of maintaining high standards in academic programs.

Dr. Umy Arifah highlighted the significance of Ma’arif’s commitment to quality education and the role of their faculty in achieving this mission. She emphasized the role of continuous professional development to ensure teachers remain at the forefront of educational innovations.

Suyitman, from MIN Cilacap, shared valuable experiences from the primary education sector and the importance of building a strong foundation for students’ language skills.

In the discussion, the speakers collectively underscored the need for ongoing collaboration to enhance the quality of education and support Indonesia’s educational growth. They acknowledged the significance of improving foreign language proficiency to meet the globalized world’s demands.

This collaborative effort between the English Language Study Program and Pergunu to celebrate National Santri Day and Ma’arif’s 94th anniversary reflects a commitment to continuous improvement and the development of well-rounded, globally competitive individuals within Indonesia’s educational system.

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