Field Assessment of the English Language Education Program at Ma’arif Nahdlatul Ulama University, Kebumen


Kebumen, 25 October 2023 – Ma’arif Nahdlatul Ulama University (UMNU) Kebumen achieved a new milestone in improving the quality of English education through an accreditation field assessment process carried out on 22-23 October 2023. The assessment was led by the first assessor, Mr Dr . Basikin, P.hD., and the second assessor, Mrs. Dr. Dwi Astuti, M.Pd.

The field assessment process is a crucial step in evaluating in more depth the readiness and quality of the English study program at UMNU Kebumen. For two days, assessors carried out a series of field activities, including observing the learning process, lecturer-student interactions, checking laboratory facilities, libraries, and other supporting facilities.


The rector of UMNU Kebumen, Dr. Imam Satibi, M.Pd. expressed his thanks to all parties involved in the field assessment process. “Active participation from all campus elements, including lecturers, students, and staff, is the key to success in undergoing this assessment process. We are committed to improving the quality of education and services at UMNU,” said the rector.

With the positive results of this field assessment process, UMNU Kebumen is optimistic that it will receive accreditation commensurate with the efforts and dedication made. This achievement is a source of pride for the university and gives confidence to the community and prospective students in the quality of English education at UMNU Kebumen. This university continues to strive to become a competitive educational institution and make a positive contribution to the world of education in Indonesia.

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