HIMABIG Birthday Celebration: “Celebrating the Journey, Looking to the Future”



Kebumen, 22 March 2024 – An atmosphere of joy and pride filled GOR Talenta when HIMABIG (English Language Education Student Association) celebrated its 6th anniversary with an inspirational theme, “Celebrating the Journey, Looking to the Future”.


The series of events began with an inspiring speech from the Chair of HIMABIG, Aji Cahyono, who expressed his appreciation for this organization’s long journey in developing and fighting for the interests of English Language Education students. The next speech was delivered by the Dean of the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, and the Head of the English Language Education Study Program, Mrs. Atik Muhimatun Asroriyah, M.Pd who emphasized the importance of breakthroughs to highlight the characteristics of HIMABIG.


The highlight of the event continued with the announcement of the winners of the competitions that had been held previously. The speech, videography and most favorite lecturer competitions were the main highlights, where the winners not only won awards, but also inspired with their extraordinary works.

The event continued with a lecture delivered by Mr. Hastri Firharmawan, M.Pd. This speech provides a spiritual touch and deep thoughts to the audience, reminding them how to achieve success in this world and the hereafter.

After that, the atmosphere of togetherness was increasingly felt by breaking the fast together which was attended by all HIMABIG members and invited guests. This moment of togetherness is an opportunity for everyone to come together and share stories and hopes for a better future.


Don’t forget, this celebration ends with congregational evening prayers, strengthening the sense of unity and oneness among all HIMABIG members. And as a sweet ending, a magnificent tumpeng was cut as a symbol of success and hope for a glorious future for HIMABIG.


This year’s HIMABIG Birthday celebration is not only a moment to celebrate past achievements, but also a strong stepping stone to move forward to a brighter future. With blazing enthusiasm and firm determination, HIMABIG is ready to face future challenges in order to realize its vision and mission in the world of English Language Education.


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